• Our Secure File Exchange Solutions

  • XMediusSENDSECURE – Simple and Secure File Exchange

    SendSecure is a whole new easy way to exchange large and or sensitive documents in complete security. E-mail isn’t secure, file sharing services like Dropbox and Google Drive® aren’t really secure, FTP transfer is complicated to use and not secure either. Only SendSecure provides an enterprise grade solution that combines ease-of-use and end-to-end security to solve your secure file transfer headaches.

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  • XMediusFAX® – We define Fax-over-IP

    Redefining the market when it pioneered the Fax over IP server in 2002, XMedius is the global leader in software-only FoIP solutions, which supports the secure and standardized T.38 Fax-over-IP and G.711 Fax Pass-Through protocols.

    We leverage our FoIP experience to bring you the most secure, reliable and scalable solutions available in the market today. With XMediusFAX® suite of on-premises and cloud products all your document processing needs are covered.

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  • OEM Solutions

    XMedius has integrated its XMediusFAX® into customers’ products in several key markets as an OEM solution provider. Our Xcore* fax platform can be private labelled and can run on both Linux & Windows servers. Use FoIP for OEM solutions in a simple manner.

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  • Services

    XMedius provides a full range of services to help clients and OEMs, install, use and optimize it’s XMediusFAX® and XMediusSENDSECURE product lines.

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  • Contact Sales

    XMedius has a global network of product specialists ready to help you understand how XMediusFAX® and XMediusSENDSECURE can help your business be more secure and efficient.

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  • XMediusFAX® Hybrid

    XMediusFAX® Hybrid offers the reliability of our flagship On-Premises secure file exchange platform, with the flexibility and convenience of the cloud. Get instant capacity on-demand and enhanced security features without any additional hardware or software requirements.

    By leveraging the cloud network, XMediusFAX® Hybrid provides unlimited scalability for all your secure file transfer needs. You’ll also benefit from the added advantage of automatic failover and data recovery should your primary network ever become unavailable, which ensures that your organization’s sensitive data is always transmitted smoothly and securely. XMediusFAX® Hybrid integrates seamlessly with your current telephony infrastructure – it requires no fax boards, fax channels, gateways or complex PBX integrations. Learn more about how your organization can benefit by switching to XMediusFAX® Hybrid.

    For more information: XMediusFAX® Hybrid Brochure (PDF)