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  • XMedius SendSecure

    A Revolution in File Exchange Security

    In today’s business environment, ensuring data security has become a priority. Recent surveys show that a corporation has a 26% likelihood of experiencing a major data breach within any given 24-month timeframe (Source : Ponemon Institute LLC, 2016).

    SendSecure is a whole new way to exchange large and/or sensitive documents in complete security. E-mail isn’t secure, sending CDs, DVDs or USBs by mail isn’t secure, file sharing services like Dropbox and Google Drive® aren’t really secure, FTP transfer is complicated to use and not secure either. Only SendSecure provides an enterprise grade solution that combines ease-of-use and end-to-end security to solve your secure file transfer headaches.

  • Key Benefits of XMediusSENDSECURE

    • Highly Secure

      Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

      SendSecure uses 2FA. Once the sender has initiated an email exchange, they must provide the recipient with a secondary one-time code via email, SMS or automated phone call.

      Strong Encryption

      SendSecure uses encryption methods recommended by banking and security experts. All communications are encrypted using TLS 1.2 (with forward secrecy). At rest, all files are encrypted using strong AES 256-bit encryption.

      Double Encryption

      SendSecure protects the SafeBox from intruders or any unauthorized access through double encryption. One of the two required keys used to decrypt the SafeBox content must be provided by the sender or the recipient before accessing its content.

      Ephemeral SafeBox

      SendSecure allows you to set the lifespan of a SafeBox. Once that lifespan expires, files in the SafeBox are no longer accessible by any party. You can also terminate a SafeBox at any time and select the level of security.

      Hosting Facilities

      XMedius has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the most secure server infrastructures in the world. AWS publishes its “Web Risk and Compliance Program” which includes all Certifications, Report and Third-Party Attestations (available on demand). Additionally, XMedius has obtained the appropriate security certifications and accreditations (ISO/IEC 27001) to demonstrate the security of its infrastructure and services.
    • Simple to Use

      Superior User Experience

      SendSecure’s intuitive design makes it as easy to use as email. It doesn’t require a subscription, nor are any hardware or software downloads necessary for the recipient. All you need to use SendSecure is a computer, mobile phone or tablet and a web browser.

      Simple Integration

      SendSecure’s seamless integration with Outlook (including Office 365) lets you send small or large files of all types directly from Outlook without having to open another application. Users can also send secure encrypted files both large and small from a mobile phone or tablet to individuals or groups with via a web browser.

      Available “On the Go”

      SendSecure enables authorized users to exchange files of any size securely from any business or personal device (including smartphones and tablets) whether at the office or on the road.

      No File Limitations

      SendSecure allows the exchange of any type of file (text, image, audio & video) of up to 5 GB per attachment and an unlimited number of messages per month. Most email servers limit file attachments to less than 10MB.

      Collaborative Work

      SendSecure enables file recipient to participate in a two-way conversation in addition to receiving a secured document transmission. Recipients do not need to download anything or have an account to participate to a conversation.

      Manage Participants

      SendSecure lets you easily recall and delete a message and file before your recipient sees it. Moreover, it allows you to invite additional recipients to the exchange even after a conversation has started.
    • Audit Trail

      Proof of Delivery

      SendSecure retains digitally signed transmission records of all access to a SafeBox. It automatically sends emails to the sender confirming all actions performed by the recipient during the process. A Transmission Detail Report is created following the closing of the SafeBox. This report can be printed, downloaded or emailed as a PDF.


      SendSecure can archive all documents exchanged on the platform or to an external repository or drive.

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  • How Does XMediusSENDSECURE Work?

    XMediusSENDSECURE is a state-of-the-art collaborative file exchange platform. It is expressly designed to facilitate the exchange of sensitive files and has a number of critical security features. First, all files exchanged are systematically encrypted in both the upload and download processes. Receiving files doesn’t require a user account, but recipients are authenticated via one-time code received via a voice call, an SMS, or an email. Further, all exchanged files are automatically stored in a virtual SafeBox. The SafeBox is ephemeral, and all stored files are automatically purged from the SafeBox based on pre-defined retention policy. To track all file exchanges, once the SafeBox is closed, SendSecure automatically generates a signed audit record with a detailed account of the exchanges that occurred. Finally, SendSecure is inherently intuitive, and as easy to use as sending an email.

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  • Who should use XMediusSENDSECURE?

    • Healthcare

      Medical professionals and institutions including doctors, nurses, administrators, clinics and hospitals can use SendSecure to:

      • Securely send messages, medical records and files to patients, insurance companies, etc.
      • Share MRI, CT scans, and other large diagnostic files between physicians and patients
    • Finance

      Frequently, clients of financial institutions are limited to using the electronic communications systems that the financial institutions have available. These systems often require software downloads or account creation or worse yet, documents cannot always be returned using the same system.


      • Ease the work of loan officers who exchange sensitive documents with customers
      • Ensure that legal documents are kept confidential when working with regulators, outside legal counsel or business partners
      • Secure the communications between executive teams who need to share information with their Board, one another, outside counsel, and regulatory agencies

      Mortgage Companies or Brokers

      • Ideal for loan officers who need to send or receive sensitive documents
      • Facilitate the workflow of departments that receive documents from appraisers, title companies, government entities, banks and other outside parties

      Insurance Companies and Brokers

      • Assists with exchanging information for insurance claims
      • Facilitates receiving detailed building plans or other data to provide accurate quotations to customers

    • Legal

      Lawyers deal regularly with confidential client information and have an obligation to protect that information from being accidentally released or stolen. Common uses include:

      • Sending contracts to lawyers inside and outside of the firm
      • Sending sensitive messages and files to personal and business clients
      • Using Delivery Confirmation to prove that recipients received and opened secure messages

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