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XM Fax Hybrid
Secure document exchange solution with the convenience of the cloud


A hybrid fax solution combines the best of both worlds. Protect your data with the reliability of an XM Fax On-Premises fax solution, and benefit from the simplicity and flexibility of the XM Fax Cloud infrastructure.

Fax Online with An Easy-to-Deploy Secure File Exchange Solution


Deployment can be one of the most complicated steps when integrating a secure document exchange solution. By leveraging the XM Fax Cloud infrastructure, our XM Fax Hybrid solution eliminates the most complex part of an on-premises fax server deployment; connecting to telephony.


It simplifies deployment by eliminating the time and cost of configuring, troubleshooting, implementing of gateways, capacity planning, channels, and the number of phone lines associated with the telecom infrastructure of a typical fax solution. XM Fax Hybrid requires no fax boards, no additional fax channels, no gateways, no PRI/T1/E1 lines, no analog phone lines, and no complex PBX integrations – saving you time and money.

We Offer Capacity On-Demand for All Your Online Fax Needs

XM Fax Hybrid provides instant and unlimited scalability for any ad-hoc or planned fax capacity requirements you may have. Since it doesn’t require any channels or fax boards, it immediately eliminates capacity concerns for organizations of all sizes. No more capacity planning or additional capacity purchases and investments.


Choose an Online Fax Solution that Ensures Business Continuity

XM Fax Hybrid leverages the XMedius Cloud network to ensure business continuity for your organization. With multiple data centers around the world, XM Fax Hybrid provides high availability, disaster recovery, and automatic failover from primary data centers to alternative data centers. In the event of planned upgrades, unplanned outages, or if at any time the primary network becomes unavailable, you can continue to exchange documents securely without a hitch.

Eliminate Compliance Concerns

When it comes to secure document sharing, compliance can be a concern for organizations who are considering using the cloud. XMedius is ISO/IEC 27001 certified and its cloud fax transmissions with XM Fax Hybrid adhere to HIPAA compliance regulations.
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With so many online cloud fax solutions available in today’s market, defining exactly what your organization needs can be challenging. Our message is loud and clear: For unsurpassed security, performance, reliability, and ongoing support, XM Fax Hybrid provides the best hybrid fax solution on the market today. Speak with one of our experts to find out how XM Fax Hybrid can work for your business.