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OEM Software – XM Fax FoIP

For a number of years, XM Fax has integrated its best of breed faxing functionalities into customers’ products in several key markets as an OEM software provider. Our Xcore* fax platform can be private labelled and can run on both Linux & Windows servers, making FoIP for OEM solutions simple.

Xcore is a robust and reliable modular architecture embracing essential features of the XM Fax FoIP software. Xcore integrates with most hardware platforms (server, IPBX) and can also interconnect with most third-party applications.

Our enterprise-grade OEM software is valued by many organizations

Due to the reliability and efficiency of the XMedius Xcore* fax platform, several leading companies have integrated it into their communication strategies. Among these, two giants are great examples:

AM Trust

Based on XMedius Xcore* fax platform, AM Trust’s successful turnkey fax solution brand AM f@x line has been offered in France since 1999.

Established in 1995, AM Trust is dedicated to publishing and distributing document solutions for more than 10,000 clients. It is focused around 2 sectors: office printing and providing 100% Cloud solutions. This means that in addition to installing and maintaining commercial printers, AM Trust also handles external document management (archiving, online electronic signature, producing and sending incoming and outgoing mail, etc.).



Alcatel-Lucent integrates the Xcore* fax platform functionality into its Linux based Open Touch Unified Communications since 2006.

Alcatel-Lucent is a French multinational company whose activities include cloud computing, IP and fixed and chassis LAN switches. The Alcatel-Lucent Group also includes the well-known Bell Laboratories, which are among the largest research and development centers in the telecommunications field. They have accumulated more than 29,000 patents and 7 Nobel Prizes since their creation in 1925.

What is FoIP?

Often called FoIP (Fax over IP), it is a method of sending and receiving faxes over an IP network. This technology can provide many benefits, including the ability to automatically convert fax messages to emails and vice versa. This means that a company may no longer need to have analog fax lines and can therefore save on maintenance and paper expenses. Such technology also makes it possible to transmit or consult a file anywhere independent of the device used.

For OEM software tailored to your needs

To learn more about VoIP fax software for OEM solutions or other XMedius solutions, contact one of our representatives today. We will be able to explain in detail how OEM software can facilitate communications within your organization.

When you opt for solutions from XMedius, you can be confident that you are working with an industry leader that has over 20 years of FoIP experience and is committed to helping you optimize your business.

 To learn more about our VoIP fax software for OEM solutions, contact an XMedius representative.