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XM SendSecure On-Premises
State-of-the-art secure file exchange software with direct control of all hardware & storage


The Cloud isn’t for everyone. Some organizations’ internal security directives simply don’t allow the hardware managing sensitive files out of their hands. They still need a cutting-edge file exchange solution, but with the added benefit of complete physical control. XM SendSecure On-Premises offers the same feature set as the Cloud version, but integrates physically into existing networks.

An on-premises installation is also ideal for organizations that prefer budgeting for upfront purchases with maintenance and the engagement of their onsite IT staff, rather than a SaaS subscription.

Secure File Exchange deployment with virtually no downtime

Strict document handling practices are useless if staff members circumvent them because they’re too much trouble. XM SendSecure is designed with the end user in mind. While extremely secure, it’s also an intuitive platform that’s built with an eye towards preventing barriers to use. The solution makes compliant exchanges as easy as sending an email.

As a result, the XM SendSecure onboarding process is short, which means your team will be on their way to an improved workflow in no time. Check out our brochure to learn more.

The solution is even easier to use for customers or partners, who can send your organization files via your account by simply clicking a recipient-specific customized link (called a “Secure Link”). No software or account is required on their end, but everything is just as secure as if you’d sent it yourself. This makes XM SendSecure the perfect choice for organizations dealing with the public, such as financial institutions, healthcare providers and insurance, legal and government offices, etc.

XMediusSENDSECURE On-Premises
XMediusSENDSECURE On-Premises

Comply with privacy regulations effortlessly

Organizations across all sectors have to adhere to stringent compliance regulations (GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, FERPA, and more) when handling sensitive data. With XM SendSecure’s built-in security features, such as two-factor authentication, double encryption, and an automatic audit trail, you’re well on your way to creating a more compliant environment.

XM SendSecure also includes a configuration option that requests participant consent before transmitting personal data in a SafeBox to improve compliance with standardized personal data regulations, such as GDPR.

XMediusSENDSECURE On-Premises

Extensive Security Features

2-Factor Authentication – Users sending a message can choose to require a unique passcode that recipients use to authenticate themselves. Based on user or administrator settings, that code can be sent via automated phone call, SMS text message, or e-mail.

Double Encryption – XM SendSecure offers double encryption of everything in the SafeBox, including the files, message, and any responses.

Automatic Virus Scanning – All files uploaded into a SafeBox are automatically scanned with XM SendSecure’s built-in antivirus protection. If a threat is detected, the software will block the file from being uploaded, alerting the sender to the problem and preventing the virus from spreading.

XMediusSENDSECURE On-Premises

Send files of any type and any size

XM SendSecure lets you exchange any type of file securely, so it can be used to send or receive image, audio, video, and other files beyond the typical PDFs, spreadsheets, and other reports. Each transmission can hold as many files as you want, up to 5TB each, and an account allows an unlimited amount of exchanges per month.

XMediusSENDSECURE On-Premises

Enhanced Integration

XM SendSecure integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook to ensure that safely and securely exchanging files is as easy as sending an email. With multiple language support, upload progress bars, and message summaries, anyone can use the solution through a platform they’re already familiar with.  XM SendSecure can also be easily integrated with your business processes, either through our MFP connectors or APIs.