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XMedius fax connectors

The XMedius mission has always been to make life easier for its clients by helping them optimize their communications.

As such, our software suite of FoIP and secure file exchange solutions integrates seamlessly with multifunction printers (MFPs), as well as other applications and technology within your organization’s existing infrastructure. Consolidating multiple software setups and devices with a centralized XMedius solution can save your organization valuable time and resources.

Discover how XMedius connectors can facilitate seamless telecommunications within your business, regardless of your sector of activity.

MFP connectors

XMedius solutions integrate with MFPs from a wide selection of vendors including Xerox, Ricoh, Lexmark and Sharp. This boosts employee efficiency by enabling staff to send documents as easily as they would print or make copies.

Discover our MFP connectors

XMediusFAX connector for Fuji Xerox Apeos


XMediusFAX connector for eCopy ShareScan


XMediusFAX connector for Hewlett-Packard


XMediusFAX connector for Lexmark ESF


XMediusFAX connector for Ricoh ESA


XMediusFAX connector for Sharp OSA


XMediusFAX connector for Xerox EIP


EHR/EMR connectors for healthcare

Healthcare is one of the industries in which the most personal information is circulated, making it all the more important to consider security and ease-of-use when handling files. . In light of this, the solutions we offer integrate seamlessly with a range of digital solutions used in the healthcare industry, such as the Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution and the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution offered by NexGen, Allscripts and Epic. They not only allow healthcare professionals to send and receive sensitive data from a platform they feel comfortable with, but also add an additional layer of security and maintain a complete audit trail that best meets compliance requirements.

Discover our Healthcare Connectors

XMediusFAX connector for Allscripts EHR/EMR


XMediusFAX connector for Epic EHR/EMR


XMediusFAX connector for NextGen EHR/EMR

Other fax connectors

XMediusFAX® works with third parties to integrate with a wide range of multifunction devices, application systems and document management programs. XMediusFAX software solutions offer flexible, cost-optimized integration options based on SMTP, XML, Web Services, Java and Python scripting technologies. The Web Services API provides remote access to several features of the fax server in order to integrate with custom applications.

Speak with an expert today to find out how easily XMedius fax connector solutions integrate with your business environment.


Learn more about our fax connectors

For all your questions related to our fax connectors, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our experts will be able to inform you and propose a tailored solution in line with the specific needs of your company. This simplifies the process of implementing innovative XMedius fax integration solutions with your existing equipment.