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OEM solutions
XMediusFAX VoIP fax software

For a number of years XMediusFAX has integrated its best of breed faxing functionalities into customers’ products in several key markets as an OEM solution provider. Our Xcore* fax platform can be private labelled and can run on both Linux & Windows servers, making FoIP for OEM solutions simple.
Xcore is a robust and reliable modular architecture embracing essential features of the XMediusFAX voip VoIP fax software. Xcore integrates with most hardware platforms (server, IPBX) and can also interconnect with most third-party applications.

AM Trust

Based on XMedius Xcore* fax platform, AM Trust’s successful turnkey fax solution brand AM f@x line has been offered in France since 1999.



Alcatel-Lucent integrates the Xcore* fax platform functionality into its Linux based Open Touch Unified Communications since 2006.

 To learn more about our VoIP fax software for OEM solutions, contact an XMedius representative.