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XM SendSecure:
Fast and simple secure file transfer software

Surveys show that an organization has a significant likelihood of experiencing a major data breach within a given 24-month timeframe.

When this happens, companies are liable to lose both customers and their credibility. Depending on their sector, they may also face fines and other legal consequences. Information security has never been more important.

Every company with sensitive data should use secure file transfer software to maintain file confidentiality, aid compliance with privacy regulations (HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, etc), and protect them from hacking threats.

XM SendSecure

XM SendSecure is a collaborative secure file transfer software solution unlike anything else on the market. It allows users to upload an unlimited number of files – of any format and up to 5TB each – into a SafeBox where file transfers take place. All files are automatically scanned with antivirus software as they enter the solution.

Two-factor authentication and double encryption ensure the highest level of data protection in transit to recipients. Files are placed in ephemeral storage, which will automatically delete itself after a set period of time or number of downloads. All interactions with the files are automatically tracked, generating an audit trail for easier compliance with regulations.

XM SendSecure offers customizable options for administrators to set varying security levels on a per user or department basis, all in an easy-to-use interface. The messages can be customized with your organization’s branding.

The solution integrates seamlessly with Outlook, allowing users to send and receive sensitive data to/from their existing contacts list without having to open another application.

Powerful collaboration features allow teams to administrate, send, and receive files as a group. Lists of currently existing SafeBoxes can be tracked and filtered by authorized individuals. Senders, recipients, and administrators can also have encrypted chats within the storage solution with the same level of security.

XM SendSecure Cloud

XM SendSecure Cloud delivers the powerful solution via the Cloud, making administration and maintenance simple. Organizations can plan for their exact costs thanks to the recurring, all-inclusive payment plans.

Strict security protocols are in place to ensure the Cloud computing hardware and staff administering them uphold the highest standards of protection & regulatory compliance.

XM SendSecure On-Premises

XMedius offers an on-site version of its revolutionary secure file transfer software with XM SendSecure On-Premises. It offers the same top security, powerful feature set, and intuitive usage as the Cloud version, while giving organizations direct control over the physical components’ location and security.

It is a great data protection solution for companies who are looking to maintain internal ownership of all hardware with a fast, seamless deployment that slots directly into their existing IT networks.

Secure file exchange software tailored to your needs

No matter the sensitive data you want to transfer securely, XMedius has a solution that will enable you to do it in a simple and intuitive way.

Don’t let the threat of hacking or information leaks cast doubt over the privacy of your files. Utilize our XM SendSecure document exchange services, whether you choose the software solution or its cloud version, to give you peace of mind.

XMedius has been a trusted leader in the field of secure document exchange for over two decades. In addition to the XM SendSecure solution, we also offer cutting edge fax over Internet services. Reach out to us learn more about our solutions, set up a free trial, or get advice on which solution is best for your specific organizational needs.