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Secure file transfer software with cutting-edge security features

It’s no secret that an organization’s success relies on sensitive data, which is why data security has become such an important focus in today’s business environment. Recent surveys show that an organization has a 26% likelihood of experiencing a major data breach within any given 24-month timeframe (Source: Ponemon Institute LLC, 2016), and when this happens, companies are liable to lose both customers and credibility.

SendSecure is a whole new secure file transfer software for exchanging large and/or sensitive files that meets today’s strictest security standards and regulations. E-mail, even with basic encryption, can’t be relied upon to fully protect your data. Sending CDs, DVDs or USB keys by mail isn’t secure, and even popular internet file sharing services put your data at risk. FTP transfer is complicated to use and not secure either. Only SendSecure provides an enterprise-grade data exchange solution that combines ease-of-use and end-to-end security to solve your secure file transfer headaches.

Check out our brochure to learn more about the benefits of using SendSecure.

Highly Secure File Transfer Software

XMediusSENDSECURE is a state-of-the-art collaborative file exchange platform where all files transmitted are systematically encrypted during both the upload and download processes. All files are automatically stored in a virtual SafeBox, and are automatically purged from the SafeBox based on pre-defined retention policy.


Two-Factor Authentication

Rather than recipients having to create a user account, SendSecure uses 2FA. The sender initiates an email exchange, and the recipient gets a one-time access code vie email, text, or automated phone call. In order to improve compliance with standardized personal data processing regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), SendSecure can be configured to request participant consent before uploading personal data into a SafeBox.


Double Encryption

SendSecure prevents any unauthorized access to the SafeBox through double encryption. Secure file delivery recipients receive a private key that’s unknown even to the SendSecure server.


A Simplified User Experience

SendSecure’s straightforward design makes it as easy to use as email. It doesn’t require a subscription, and there aren’t any hardware or software downloads necessary for recipients. All you need is a computer, mobile phone or tablet and a web browser.


Seamless Integration

SendSecure integrates with Outlook and lets you send any type of file without having to open another application.


No-limit Secure File Sending

With our secure file transfer software, you can exchange any type of file (text, image, audio & video) up to 5TB, with an unlimited number of messages per month. Most email servers limit file attachments at 10MB or less.

Keep Track of Secure File Delivery with Audit Records

SendSecure retains the details of any activities within a SafeBox. As a sender, you’ll automatically get an email confirming all actions performed by recipients during a secure file exchange. A digitally signed, printable Audit Record is created every time a SafeBox is closed.