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IVR: Interactive Voice Response
from the XM Connect platform

Customize the Interactive Voice Response experience

“XM Connect (formerly known as CX-E) is designed with robust Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities. Custom IVR applications can be created in Microsoft Visual Studio, use any of its supported languages.  A .NET component added to Visual Studio provides access to the messaging and call processing capabilities of XM Connect from within the created applications. This framework does not utilize proprietary scripting and data access connectors, allowing custom voice applications to be implemented easily and economically.”


Accelerate your workflow with IVR

Adding IVR to your organization leads to faster response times and more accurate interactions.  XM Connect can integrate communications with your information systems by directly pulling data from sources such as SAP, Oracle; and Microsoft SQL Server. It can automate processes traditionally managed by individuals and deliver around-the-clock access to information.

A world of opportunities, no matter your industry

Custom IVR solutions enable business efficiency for a variety of industries. Let us help you accelerate the flow of information to your customers and employees.



  • Bill or Claims Status
  • Call Routing to Department and Staff
  • Information Line for Patients: Test Results and Prescription Status
  • Health Plan Benefits Eligibility


  • Pay by Phone/Account Information
  • Order Status
  • Account Balance Inquiry
  • Inventory Status
  • Loan Status

State and Local Government:

  • Polling Place Locator
  • Property Tax Information Line
  • Benefits Eligibility Status
  • License Renewal Request
  • Child Support Payment Status
  • Employment Security Information and Payment System


  • Access to Course Information
  • Events Hotline
  • Student Information and Payment Line
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Closure Notifications

Contact XMedius

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