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Secure voicemail on the XM Connect platform

Deployed by some of the largest global enterprises, XM Connect (formerly known as CX-E) delivers end-to-end secure voicemail, which is ideal for organizations in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, education, legal; and government.

XMedius makes the migration from legacy voicemail systems to secure voicemail easy. With secure voicemail, XMedius delivers increased productivity whether you’re in the office or on-the-go with a secure mobile client.

A secure voicemail solution with many advantages

Voicemail security features

  • Private voice messages cannot be forwarded internally or externally
  • Voice messages are streamed to the mobile client and are not saved on the mobile device
  • Administrator has the ability to revoke access to the mobile client at any time
  • Restricts web client message streams so copies are not retained or forwarded externally
  • Receive voice messages via encrypted email (TLS)
  • Supports secure RTP
  • Strong password enforcement

Easily replace your legacy voicemail

XM Connect secure voicemail is designed to easily replace outdated legacy voicemail with a robust, highly scalable secure voicemail application. Benefit from features you’re already familiar with, as well as a full set of next-generation voicemail features.


Minimize staff retraining

Recognizing the desire by IT teams to minimize downtime and avoid a major retraining effort, XMedius has invested significantly in the development of alternate telephone user interfaces (TUIs) to match the commands of the most common legacy voicemail systems including Octel Aria and Serenade systems, Avaya Intuity Audix, Nortel Meridian Mail and CallPilot, Mitel NuPoint with Centigram interface, Adomo, and Active Voice Kinesis and Repartee.

Contact XMedius

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