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XM Connect Unified Messaging Solution
A communication and collaboration tool for business

Simplify your organization’s communication experience by combining all your messaging features into a single solution viewable from the device of your choice. Leading industry analysts have consistently rated the XM Connect Unified Messaging application as best-of-breed in the marketplace.

Flexible, feature-rich Unified Messaging

XM Connect (formerly known as CX-E) Unified Messaging simultaneously supports multiple email systems and servers, including: Microsoft Outlook and Office 365, Google Gmail, IBM Notes; and any IMAP4 compliant email system

  • Delivers UM to multiple email systems (on-premises and Cloud)
  • Supports multiple email servers simultaneously
  • Flexible storage options to meet compliance and confidentiality requirements
  • Provides a centralized view for email, voicemail; and fax
  • Access UM capabilities via mobile device, email client, web interface, speech; or DTMF telephone interfaces
  • Localized desktop clients
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Voicemail-to-Text (3rd party service)

Architecture: Unified Messaging tailored to your business needs

XM Connect provides administrators with flexible storage options that allow them to tailor their Unified Messaging to their specific business and user needs.

  • Server-based UM: Single store of all messages on the e-mail server
  • Client-based UM: Store e-mail messages on one server and voice and fax messages on a separate server

By allowing enterprises to choose how they deploy and use Unified Messaging, XM Connect supports your compliance confidentiality initiatives.

Our unified messaging application in their words

“Our employees rapidly embraced the Unified Messaging functionality in XM Connect and reported they hope to never go back to the old way of conducting business. Unified Messaging has spoiled them!”

  • Amerisure

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