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XM TeamQ
Powerful, Cost-Effective Informal Call Center Solution

Essential call center features at an affordable cost

XM TeamQ® is the ideal informal call center solution for customers who are looking for more features than Hunt Groups offer, but don’t require a full blown contact center.
By giving teams access to powerful call center features at a fraction of the price of other solutions, XM TeamQ delivers significant ROI. Features include:

  • Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Agent Desktop Control with Informative Screen Pops
  • Call Recording
  • Reporting and more

And there is no ACD or CTI connection required on your telephone system – making it a very cost-effective and easy-to-install call center solution that will boost your teams’ workflow.


Powerful tools for small teams


Agents can work from anywhere

Do you have multiple agents in different locations? Whether you’ve got multiple offices or remote workers, they can log into the XM TeamQ dashboard from any Windows desktop client. Calls can be routed to any device, including desk, mobile, and softphones. XM TeamQ offers support for up to 250 agents, even if they aren’t sitting next to each other. Your workforce has just gone mobile.


Cutting-edge call prioritization

The XM TeamQ dashboard gives agents a clear overview of all the calls in the queue so they can decide which call to prioritize. The dashboard also indicates when a call is done and allows them to reserve or redirect a call.


Know your customers’ needs

With XM TeamQ, your team will know what callers are looking for before they answer the call.  XM TeamQ collects data from customers up front. The solution also has the ability to pull information from CRM systems to enhance caller identification. Agents can use this information to select the calls they can best serve (via agent pull), and answer ready to provide optimal service.

XM TeamQ also keeps callers informed and prevents frustration. Customers get access to their position in the queue, as well as wait times, call backs and more.


Works with your PBX

XM TeamQ supports all major PBXs, whether your infrastructure is TDM or IP-based. Avaya, Broadsoft, Cisco, Microsoft, Ribbon Communications, Mitel, NEC, Unify − you name it, we’ve got you covered. No CTI or ACD connection required.


Simple implementation

Are you afraid of a difficult installation and a long, drawn-out implementation? XM TeamQ is intuitively designed to make onboarding simple. The application is available as a standalone solution or an easy add-on to XMedius XM Connect (formerly CX-E).

Contact XMedius

Do you have any questions about our XM TeamQ call center solution or any other enterprise communications solutions offered by XMedius? Don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to an expert today.