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XMedius Voice XpressCare

Keep Your CX-E or XM Hospitality System Current and in Top Shape

The XpressCare Program offers maintenance and technical support options to help you unlock the full potential of your Voice IT investments. Our global team helps you maximize your communications and keep operations running smoothly with expert product support and technical services for our systems and integration with your infrastructure.

Three Plans to Choose From

Every organization has different IT support requirements, so XpressCare is available in three tiers of cost and coverage. Whether you’ll be handling everything internally or need the full force of the XMedius Tier 1 Help Desk 24/7, there’s a coverage level for you.

Standard XpressCare

For organizations planning to get their software maintenance and technical support from their Authorized Reseller, Standard XpressCare is the most popular and cost-effective option.

Access to online technical courses is available for an additional cost (free with 24+ port systems).

Enterprise XpressCare

For organizations who will be providing their own IT support, but need XMedius as a knowledge resource for their staff, Enterprise XpressCare provides 24/7 direct access to XMedius Technical Support for employees that have completed the technical requirements * (via free online training).

*customer must maintain two employees who have completed XMedius online technical training.

Select XpressCare

For organizations that want direct access to XMedius experts, Select XpressCare provides 24/7 x 365 Tier 1 XMedius Help Desk Support without needing to meet the technical requirements, remote system monitoring (CX-E only), and periodic health checks/maintenance.

This level also includes the ability to request Moves, Adds, and Changes (MAC) for an additional cost.

XpressCare Plan Benefits

Free Software Upgrades
Access to Online Technical Training Free/Unlimited
Access to XMedius Technical Support through Authorized Resellers
24/7 Direct Access to XMedius Technical Support
24/7 Direct Tier 1 Support through XMedius Help Desk
CX-E Remote System Monitoring
MAC (Moves, Adds, Changes) Work Not Available Not Available Additional Cost