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Switch Your FoIP to XM Fax


Unwavering Customer Support

Over 98% Customer Satisfaction Rate with Year-Round 24-Hour Coverage Available

XM FaxTM support is never outsourced. All support requests are responded to quickly by multilingual experts in our North American, European, and Australian offices, whose only focuses are XMedius products, services, and customer satisfaction. We offer a guaranteed emergency response time of one or two hours (or less), depending on your support package. In short, we have your back.

Free, No Obligation,
14-Day Trial

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Maintained and Supported Stack, Developed from the Ground Up

100% XMedius Provided Solution with Over 25 Years of Development History

Skip the blame game associated with other solutions, where one vendor provides the software, another the card, and another provides a supporting application (etc.). XMedius is responsible for every aspect of XM Fax, streamlining support and boosting reliability.


Simple, Cost-Effective High Availability with Only 2 Virtualized Servers

Protect Critical Communications with Less Investment

Your FoIP services need to be up all the time, but that doesn’t mean the system protecting them has to be complicated or expensive. XM Fax has been built with High Availability functionality in mind. Unlike competing solutions, XM Fax can provide full HA functionality with only two servers (which can be virtualized), without leaning on intervening components that must be purchased and maintained separately.


Aids Regulatory Compliance and Governance

Tight Security Controls and Automated Recordkeeping

XM Fax is built to follow best practices for regulatory compliance across a variety of industries. Aligning your operations with HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, FERPA, and other regulations is made easier through the solution’s security and automated audit-trail function.


Full Functionality On-Premises or in the Cloud

Pick the Solution That Fits Your Budget and Needs

Unlike competing solutions, the Cloud version of XM Fax has been built to offer almost the exact same feature set as our industry-leading on-premises FoIP solution. This allows your organization to transition to the Cloud (if you need to) without sacrificing key features you’ve come to expect from an onsite fax server.


See How Easy, Powerful, Reliable FoIP Can Be