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CX-E Speech Automated Attendant

Powerful Voice-Driven Call Processing

The CX-E speech-enabled Automated Attendant is one of the most sophisticated call processing solutions on the market.

Flexible and highly scalable, it allows different menus by department and location that are adaptable to suit operating hours, holidays, and more. CX-E can provide unlimited call processing menus to meet the requirements of virtually any business.


What a Difference Speech Makes

Reduce your operational costs while providing accessible, satisfying self-servicing options to callers. CX-E speech-enabled Automated Attendants allow you to free staff for taking care of other tasks while reducing caller frustration by allowing them to simply say the name of the person or department they wish to reach.

CX-E Automated Attendant

  • Access through speech or touch tone input
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Unlimited call processing menus
  • Multilingual – supports up to five languages simultaneously
  • Provide critical information to callers
    • Corporate Directories
    • Operating Hours
    • Driving Directions
    • Fax Libraries

Take Automated Attendants Even Further with IVR

CX-E Automated Attendants can direct callers into full featured, easily customizable Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications. You can develop your own IVR programs using Microsoft Visual Studio, or they can be prepared for your organization by XMedius Professional Services.

Example use cases include paying bills, scheduling appointments, making reservations, checking account details, and requesting prescription refills, but the sky’s the limit.

Contact XMedius

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