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Interactive Voice Response & Web Services API

Robust Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities that allow callers to access information, pay bills, and carry out other tasks over the phone.

Adding CX-E IVR to your organization can automate processes traditionally managed by staff and deliver around-the-clock access to information. The CX-E Web Services API further expands your options by allowing a range of software-phone integrations.

Accelerate Your Workflow and Free Resources with IVR

Customizable IVR

Web Services API

Also available

Outbound Notifications

Who Can Benefit from CX-E IVR & Web Services API





Other industries

Customizable IVR

Adaptable to Suit Any Industry’s Needs

CX-E IVR allows programmers to create applications to suit any industry without specialized knowledge.

This framework does not require proprietary scripting nor data access connectors, allowing custom applications to be implemented easily and economically. Custom IVR applications can be created in Microsoft Visual Studio and can be coded in any .NET language. A .NET Open Development Framework added to Visual Studio provides access to the messaging and call processing capabilities of CX-E from within the created applications, allowing callers to pull information from and submit information to any API source, including SAP®, Oracle®, and Microsoft® SQL Server databases via a number-based (DTMF) phone interface.


Application Development Services

Many organizations don’t already have experienced programmers on staff. That’s no barrier to bringing IVR into your communications strategy. XMedius Professional Services is available to develop custom applications to suit your needs, speak to your reseller partner for details & pricing.

Offer 24-Hour, Year-Round Access to Services & Information with IVR


  • Bill or Claims Status
  • Call Routing to Department and Staff
  • Patient Information (e.g. Test Results)
  • Health Plan Benefits Eligibility
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Prescription Refill Requests


  • Pay by Phone/Account Information
  • Order Status
  • Account Balance Inquiry
  • Inventory Status
  • Loan Status

State and Local Government

  • Polling Place Locator
  • Property Tax Information Line
  • Benefits Eligibility Status
  • License Renewal Request
  • Child Support Payment Status
  • Employment Security Information and Payment System


  • Course Information
  • Events Hotline
  • Student Information and Payment Line
  • Closure Notifications

Browse 35+ Real World Use Cases Across Six Industries

Web Services API

Integrate Voice Communications with Software

The CX-E Web Services API allows integration of Unified Communications functionality into applications and web portals.

Add Click-to-Call to

  • Software
  • Internal Web Portals
  • Apps

Enable Web Portal Management of

  • Phone Messages
  • Fax Messages
  • Voicemail Functions
  • And More

The API can also be used to provide limited admin capabilities to specific individuals or groups as well as enable automatic phone notifications in the event of critical business application faults.


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