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XM Connect Outbound Notification

Customized Automated Calls & Texts

Outbound notifications are a cost-effective way to keep your customers informed with customized calls and text messages that can be automatically generated.

This makes them a powerful tool for healthcare, education, and government organizations (among many others). Leverage XM Connect Notification to free up staff for more important duties by automating tasks like appointment reminders, account alerts, and closure notifications.


Notifications allows you to:

  • Create notification campaigns that can consist of calls, text messages, or a mix of both
  • Communicate via pre-recorded announcements and Text-to-Speech
  • Configure certain time periods for outbound calls and texts
  • Offer flexible call transfer options
  • Use a database extract or pre-configured calling list
  • Create campaign results reports

Why Use XM Connect Notification


  • Appointment reminders
  • Account status updates
  • Test result reporting
  • Treatment notifications
  • Post-treatment surveys
  • Prescription filled alerts
  • Refill reminders


  • Account alerts
  • Payment receipt notifications
  • Loan status


  • Status of services
  • Weather alerts
  • Voting reminders
  • Court appearance reminders
  • Notifications of public hearings


  • Status of services
  • Weather alerts
  • Voting reminders
  • Court appearance reminders
  • Notifications of public hearings


  • Appointment reminders
  • Shipment alerts
  • Schedule change updates
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Sales follow-ups
  • Customer surveys
  • Recall notices

Contact XMedius

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