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CX-E On‑Premises
Unified Communications Software


Seamless UC software integration

Considering an upgrade to your IT infrastructure but worried that your mixed UC landscape won’t allow you to make it happen? If your IT environment includes multiple vendors – Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, NEC, Mitel, etc. – all playing an important role in your communications, why switch? If you’d like it all to work seamlessly for a powerful Unified Communications (UC) solution, CX-E can help.

CX-E  is an enterprise-grade Unified Communications software backed by a suite of best-in-class applications expressly designed to ease the transition to your digital future – no matter what your current UC landscape is. With on-premise or cloud deployments, CX-E offers seamless integration with major call control, email, IM, calendar, enterprise data, and mobile devices.

There is no other UC platform on today’s market that offers this level of integration. Make the most of today and tomorrow’s UC investments and transition to the Cloud, IP and Skype for Business over time. CX-E will lead the way.

The largest public and private universities in the U.S., top hospitals, major government agencies and multinational companies worldwide rely on CX-E for its advanced UC applications as they continue to meet the ever-changing demands associated with cloud, mobility and security.



Unmatched communications platform interoperability

Your organization already has telephony systems, email servers and business applications. In fact, it’s highly likely that you have a mix of telephony switches, especially if you have multiple or merged locations.

Most vendors require you to replace these systems before adding the latest productivity applications. CX-E Unified Communications software is compatible with leading communications systems, allowing you to enhance and extend the lifespan of your existing IT infrastructure.

The industry’s leading unified messaging solution

CX-E is a unique communications technology solution, delivering Unified Messaging to multiple email systems, both premise-based and in the Cloud – including Microsoft Outlook and Office 365, IBM Notes, Google Gmail, and any IMAP4 compliant email system.

Choose the architecture, Server-based or Client-based, that best fits your storage, access and security requirements. CX-E allows administrators to deploy any type, or mix, of unified messaging on a system, as well as allowing a combination of unified messaging and traditional voicemail users on the same system.

CX-E unified messaging features a flexible design that facilitates growth and helps you achieve your requirements for compliance and confidentiality.


Secure voicemail

CX-E provides users with end-to-end secure voice messaging. Your voicemails are encrypted both in transit and at rest. CX-E keeps security top of mind by not retaining any business communications data on the end user mobile device. Instead, all business data is stored on the CX-E application servers behind the firewall.

Informal Call Center

TeamQ is the ideal solution for customers who are looking for more features than Hunt Groups offer but don’t require a full-blown contact center. Take advantage of TeamQ with advanced call queuing, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Uniform Call Distribution (UCD), supervisor interface, call recording, reports and more.

Personal assistant

Speech-enabled virtual Personal Assistant provides mobile workers and commuters with hands-free driving productivity, in compliance with national, state and county mobile device use laws.

UC Applications



Secure voicemail for regulated industries


Automated Attendant

Speech-enabled, sophisticated call processing, directories


Call Center

Cost-effective, informal call center for knowledge workers



Secure Fax over IP, including Fax mobile client


Personal Assistant

Speech-enabled, context-aware, enhances first-time call completion


Unified Messaging

Unified messaging – Microsoft, Google – on-premises, Cloud, hybrid



Accelerate information flow to your customers



Outbound call notification for business process automation


Mobile Client

Advanced mobile client delivering secure voice messaging


CX-E On‑Premises Features and Specifications

Learn more about CX-E On‑Premises specifications.


CX-E On‑Premises Servers

Whether you’re a small business poised to grow or a large enterprise with a global presence, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your telephony needs within the CX-E On‑Premises portfolio of high performance, highly reliable CX-E servers.

Customer testimonials

  • Customer Testimonials

    "From day one, CX-E platform has been rock solid. Its architecture, interoperability and powerful set of UC applications have allowed us to utilize all of the current, cutting-edge communication technologies that are out there today."

  • Customer Testimonials

    "When it comes to our IT communications infrastructure, we’re agnostic and look for only the best. We don’t put all our eggs in one basket with one vendor. We chose CX-E because they had the optimal solution, and they continue to deliver on that today."

    Steve Mack

    University of Washington, Manager of Telecom Operations

    Steve Mack

  • Customer Testimonials

    "All life safety systems must have a high level of redundancy. CX-E is that unflappable workhorse that we don’t have to think too much about. It just works."

    David Parker

    Director of IT Service Continuity, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

    David Parker

  • Customer Testimonials

    "With an average of up to 200,000 calls a week, we needed a system that could reliably handle such a high call volume and provide a platform for growth. CX-E was the only solution that fit the bill."

    Kathleen Sullivan

    SDSU Voicemail Administrator

    Kathleen Sullivan

  • Customer Testimonials

    "We were impressed with how simple it was to convert our previous system to CX-E. Our users were up and running on the system without delay."

Let us help you unify your business communications

Want to learn more about how CX-E can help your workforce become more seamlessly connected? Contact us today to start defining the right Unified Communications solution for your organization.