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CX-E Personal Assistant

Speech Recognition Enterprise-Grade Personal Assistant

Voice-driven personal assistant software has become quite prevalent in homes and mobile phones, but these tools are designed for tasks people undertake in their private life rather than business.

The CX-E speech-enabled, context-aware Personal Assistant is an enterprise-grade business tool for staff & executives to increase efficiency by providing hands-free & eyes-free access to schedules and emails on the go as well as enhancing call completion.

Voice-Driven Communications

  • Multilingual Enterprise-Grade Speech Recognition
  • Scheduling with Calendar Integration
  • Listen to Email via Text-to-Speech
  • Voicemail Access
  • Make Outgoing Calls with Address Book Integration

Call Completion

  • Single Number Reach
  • Intelligent Personal Greetings
  • Federated Presence
  • Location-Based Call Routing

Harness the Power of a Business Personal Assistant

Voice-Driven Communications

CX-E Personal Assistant brings tremendous convenience into the business sphere through connections with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Google Calendar. In addition to providing remote voicemail access, the system also allows you to get information from your day’s schedule, create or accept meetings, and even read email delivered through the Unified Messaging system using text-to-speech. Ask the assistant to call a name in your work address book, and it’ll take things from there, allowing you to keep personal contacts separate while enjoying the convenience of not needing to remember or manually look up phone numbers.

This powerful combination of speech recognition and text-to-speech functionality allows hands- and eyes-free access to essential business communications anywhere at any time. It’s easy for you and your employees to get things done on the go, turning travel time into office time. Handle all your communications with the power of your voice, and comply with hands-free driving laws.


  • “Call John Smith”
  • “Dial 949 699 2300”
  • “Get new messages”
  • “Get new email”
  • “Get my calendar for today”
  • “Accept meeting request”
  • “Schedule a meeting at 2 p.m.”
  • “Change my availability to out sick”
  • “Enable do not disturb”

Enterprise-Grade Speech Recognition

CX-E Speaks Your Language

  • English (US, UK, Australian)
  • Spanish (US, European)
  • French (Canadian, European)
  • Swedish

Mobility Features

Personal Assistant automatically syncs with your calendar and will notify callers (using dynamically created responses) when you can’t be reached, whether you’re at lunch until 1pm, in a meeting until 10am, or on vacation. It will also keep an eye on your Instant Messaging status and not send calls to your device when you’re set to “do not disturb.” If the CX-E Mobile Client is authorized to use geofencing and Wi-Fi access to determine whether you’re in user-set zones, the Personal Assistant knows when you’ve arrived at the office, have reached home; or are somewhere in-between (without tracking your specific location). When a call comes in, the Personal Assistant will utilize that information to automatically deliver it to the best device.

Contact XMedius

Do you have any questions about Personal Assistant on the CX-E platform or any other voice applications offered by XMedius? Don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our experts today.