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CX-E UC Mobility

Improved call completion and easier business communications

Whether organization-provided or leveraged via Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives, smartphones have revolutionized the way we work.

The Mobility features within CX-E empower employees to use these devices to their full business potential, boosting call completion, staff efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Call Completion

  • Single Number Reach
  • Intelligent Personal Greetings
  • Federated Presence (Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Skype for Business, and Google Calendar)
  • Location-Based Call Routing

Mobile Client Benefits

  • Voice/Fax Messaging
  • Separate Personal & Business Communications
  • Visual Call Screening
  • Routing Outbound Business Calls
  • Work Address Book Access

Also available

Voice Personal Assistant

Unified Messaging

Empower Staff with UC Mobility

Call Completion

The majority of people in today’s workforce make and receive calls via several devices and numbers, such as office phones, softphones, mobile phones, and home phones. CX-E allows you to provide contacts with one number that will reach you wherever you are, on the device of your choice.

This is not a simultaneous ring function where one number rings multiple phones. Instead, CX-E taps a variety of sources (such as your schedule, calendar, geolocation, and set preferences) to instantly assess your availability and then, depending on the situation:

  • rings the single phone that is the ideal delivery point,
  • displays a silent notification so you can decide how to respond,
  • takes a message and delivers it to your voicemail inbox,
  • or relays an automatically generated message explaining your availability.

Intelligent Personal Greetings & Federated Presence

While CX-E can serve callers with messages you’ve pre-recorded, what makes the system especially powerful is its ability to produce meaningful, informative greetings automatically, generated from the tools you’re already using to do your job: calendars, cell phones, and IM presence.

CX-E can be integrated with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Skype for Business, Google Calendar, or any combination of the above to discern your schedule and presence status. Presenting a report when a client calls? CX-E can read your calendar and tell the caller that you’re in a meeting until a specific time. On vacation for a week? The system will automatically tell callers when you expect to be back in the office.

Location-Based Call Routing

Authorize the system to use Wi-Fi and cellular geo-fencing, and it will adjust forwarding based on your presence in zones you’ve designated, along with rules you’ve set. Rather than tracking your movements, the device only notifies CX-E when you enter or leave these zones. Your privacy is protected, but call completion is increased.

For example, if your mobile phone is at a place you’ve designated as “home”, it can be set to ring your home phone. Similarly, being “in the office” can be set to ring your desk phone. Somewhere else? CX-E can deliver the call to your mobile phone.
Previously all these adjustments had to be made manually as staff went about their day. If someone forgot to adjust their forwarding status, the chain of communication would be broken. Now, all you have to do is set these rules once, then carry your phone. CX-E does the rest.


Mobile Client Benefits

Separate personal and business communications

Rather than forcing you to carry one phone for work and another for personal calls, the CX-E Mobile Client handles all voice and fax business communications, leaving your phone’s native applications to manage the rest.

Securely manage your inbound and outbound calls, contacts, voice messages, and personal preferences, all while keeping all business communications data off of your device. All business data is stored on the CX-E servers behind your firewall (if you’re using an on-premises install) or on the secure CX-E Cloud servers (hosted in the US). In the event your device is lost or stolen, access to the data can be cut remotely. Secure messaging can decrease your risk of an expensive and embarrassing breach under regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, FERPA, or SOX.

Visual call screening of inbound business calls

Inbound calls can pull us away from important tasks at hand, so how do we determine which calls need immediate assistance? Rather than automatically ringing your mobile phone, the CX-E Mobile Client can instead display a silent visual identification of the incoming call. When you’re in a meeting or unavailable to speak, you can identify who is calling and determine how best to respond.

The Mobile Client allows you to accept the call (and optionally record your conversation), take a message, send the caller a personal message explaining why you can’t talk, or transfer the call to another device or another person.

Manage outbound business calls & utilize office address book

The Mobile Client also allows you to make outbound calls from your call log list, address book, or keypad. Rather than going out from your phone, these calls are placed by your organization’s CX-E system, which then calls your mobile phone to complete the link. As a result, the caller ID displayed is the organization’s central system, preserving the privacy of your mobile number.

Voice Personal Assistant

The Personal Assistant application in CX-E delivers hands-free and eyes-free access to voicemail, email, work address book, calendar (reviewing, making, and cancelling meetings), and more.


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