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XM Hospitality

PMS-Integrated Communications and Messaging


XM Hospitality™ is a purpose-built communications solution for the hospitality industry. Highly compatible with 150+ telephony systems and over 60 Prop­erty Management Systems (PMS), XM Hospitality leverages your existing infrastructure to enhance guest experiences and staff productivity.

The solution automatically manages guest voicemail in tandem with PMS check-ins & check-outs, enhances staff members’ ability to stay connected while out on the property, and delivers the quality communications customers demand. With XM Hospitality, organizations can achieve new levels of operational efficiency, competitive advantages, and cost savings.

Modernize your communications

This Linux-based communications and messaging solution drives operational efficiency by enabling customers and guests to instantly connect with the information they need. It is expressly designed to be easy-to-deploy, cost-effective, and powerful; delivering features critical to the hospitality industry, including:

  • Call Processing
  • Personal Call Control
  • Voicemail
  • Automated Attendant
  • Unified Messaging
  • Mobility
  • Fax

The result? A more efficient business, good reviews, and satisfied guests who come back.

Receptionist talking on phone at desk in lobby

Stay connected to your guests

XM Hospitality’s unified messaging provides staff with instant access to all their communications (voicemail, fax, email) in one place.


Make staff more mobile & responsive

XM Hospitality mobilizes your staff to increase productivity both inside and outside of the office by extending work communications to their smartphones. Staff can manage mailbox settings, check voicemail message quantity, subscribe to RSS feeds, and even launch a call-back.

Female receptionist with trainee in hotel

Leading Property Management System Integration

XM Hospitality seamlessly integrates with your Property Management System (PMS) to automate voicemail management. Various guest management functions such as check-ins, check-outs, room moves, room merges, and guest groups are managed directly by the PMS. Front desk personnel can register guests without accessing the voicemail system.

Features designed to simplify communication management in the hotel industry

Guest messaging

  • Guest Welcome Message
  • Personalized Guest Greeting
  • Guest Directory
  • Multiple Extensions per Guest Room
  • Caller Routing to Guest Voicemail
  • Caller Routing to Guest Mobile Phone
  • Guest Message Retrieval
  • Scheduled Messages
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Message Retention
  • Message Notification
  • Message Archiving

Telephony and PMS

  • Integration to Leading Telephony Systems
  • Integration to Leading PMS Systems
  • Automatic Check-in/Check-out
  • Guest Name Update via PMS
  • Password Assignment via PMS
  • Language Assignment via PMS
  • Room Move/Merge
  • Room Restore (undo Check-out)
  • Front Desk Message Indication
  • Private Guest Groups setup via PMS


  • Wake-up Calls with Optional Recurrence
  • Wake-up Calls Set by Admin or Guest
  • Custom Wake-up Greeting
  • Wake-up Call Reports

Group messaging and administration

  • Broadcast Messaging to All Hotel Guests
  • Private Guest Groups
  • Web Administration Interface
  • Unlimited Information Menus
  • Guest Template
  • Hospitality Reports
  • Scheduled Messages

Learn more about XM Hospitality

We have gathered some additional resources to give you an overview of XM Hospitality’s features, specifications, and compatible servers.

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