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CX-E TeamQ

Powerful, Cost-Effective Informal Call Center Solution

CX-E TeamQ® is the ideal informal call center solution for customers who are looking for more features than Hunt Groups offer, but don’t require a full blown contact center.

By giving teams access to powerful call center features at a fraction of the price, this solution delivers significant ROI through improved efficiency and caller satisfaction.

Delivering Call Center Functionality to Small Teams


Hunt Groups

Extremely Limited


CX-E TeamQ

Broad Feature Set & Affordable Pricing


Full Contact
Center Solution

Extremely Expensive

Distribute Calls to Suit
Your Needs

  • Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Agent Pull and Push Model

Boost Efficiency

  • Informative Screen Pops
  • Automated Attendant Integration
  • Basic Call Recording
  • Reports
  • Supervisor Interface
  • Allows Untethered (Remote) Agents

Improve Caller Satisfaction

  • Informing of queue position
  • Option to leave a message
  • Option to leave a callback number
  • Reroute calls based on
    • · Queue length
    • · Wait time
    • · Manual action

Flexible & Cost-Effective

  • No Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) required
  • Industry-leading interoperability
  • Supports up to fifty teams
  • Supports teams of up to 25 agents (250 agents total per system)
  • Available as an addition to CX-E or standalone

Distribute Calls to Suit Your Needs

While traditional Hunt Groups force agents to field calls based on inflexible distribution rules, CX-E TeamQ offers a powerful alternative. In addition to traditional push models (Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)), CX-E TeamQ offers a pull model that allows agents to select calls as best suits their skillset and workflow.

See Supply & Demand

Each agent can see the status of other agents in the team – whether they’re available, on a call, out of office, or unavailable due to some other task (such as an IT support team member out fixing a printer jam). This allows them to gauge supply & demand to decide whether it’s a good time to work on something else.

See What Callers Need

CX-E TeamQ can collect information via the Automated Attendant, then pass those details along to agents’ queue screens. For example, if the automated attendant asks callers whether they need support for a Windows, Linux, or Apple machine, then the agents can select calls based on the best use of their expertise.

Reserve Calls for Later

Imagine an agent has just gotten off a call and suggested the user try deleting and reinstalling the program for a fresh start. The caller hung up to do just that, and the agent has moved on to their next call. Unfortunately, that didn’t solve the problem and the first caller has called back. The agent, seeing this in the queue, can reserve that call to be their next one. Caller and agent are then reconnected once the agent is free, enabling them to restart the conversation right where they left it.

Boost Efficiency

Informative Screen Pops Powered with Automated Attendant and DNIS

Screen pops, which load an agent’s screen with information relevant to the call when they pick up the phone, are one of the most desiratble features of full call center solutions. They can dramatically boost agent efficiency by pulling up exactly what windows and documents they need, when they need them.

Before CX-E TeamQ, smaller organizations had no way of harnessing this powerful functionality without overpaying for a call center. Now it’s within their reach.

The screen pop system can be driven by information collected from callers with an Automated Attendant and/or a database lookup of the number they’re calling from (delivered via DNIS). A more prepared agent is able to solve problems faster and ask for less information from callers, improving their experience.

Untethered (Remote) Agents

Agents in a CX-E TeamQ system can login anywhere they have access to a Windows desktop client and a phone (desk, mobile, or softphone). This allows workers in geographically dispersed offices to work together, agents on the road or working from home to participate, and for teams to operate without a designated facility. The caller experience and agent functionality are exactly the same, regardless of where they are.

Essential Training and Administrative Tools

CX-E TeamQ includes several call center-standard administration functions – call recording, activity reports, and a full-featured supervisor interface that enable oversight and encourage improvement over time.

Improve Caller Satisfaction

No one looks forward to being in a hold queue, but there are several ways to make the experience better for incoming callers.

  • Inform Callers of Queue Position
  • Accept Messages or Callback Numbers
  • Reroute Calls Based on Wait Time or Queue Length

Flexible & Cost Effective

CX-E TeamQ is designed for interoperability across a huge variety of infrastructure landscapes and supports all major PBXs, whether your infrastructure is TDM or IP-based. Avaya, Broadsoft, Cisco, Microsoft, Ribbon Communications, Mitel, NEC, Unify − you name it, we’ve got you covered. It also doesn’t need the expensive CTI connections commonly required by full call center solutions. This makes it an easy, fast, and affordable addition to your existing systems, allowing you to upgrade what you have without ripping and replacing what already works.


CX-E TeamQ’s agent structure allows you to set up groups that suit your organizational needs. The solution supports up to 50 teams, and each of those teams can contain up to 25 agents. Agents can be placed on multiple teams. The agent limit for each CX-E TeamQ system is 250 agents.

This solution is available standalone, or can be easily added to CX-E.

Transform your knowledge worker teams

You don’t have to limit your teams to bare-bones Hunt Groups to avoid the extreme expense of a contact center solution. CX-E TeamQ cost-effectively delivers powerful functionality designed to revolutionize the way your agents work. Reach out to us to learn more about what CX-E TeamQ can do for your organization.