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XMedius Voice Solutions

With 35+ years of continuous innovation on our Unified Communications (UC) solutions, XMedius is a trusted global provider of enterprise communications for businesses of all sizes. Our secure solutions leverage existing IT infrastructures and can deliver seamless interoperability with systems from different manufacturers.

Thousands of businesses worldwide rely on our solutions to meet their mission-critical communications requirements today and evolve with the changes of tomorrow.


CX-E is a Unified Communications platform delivering enterprise-class applications to companies of all sizes. CX-E boosts the connectivity and productivity of individuals and teams through industry-leading functionality like voicemail, unified messaging, mobility, speech-enabled virtual personal assistant, automated attendants, IVR applications, informal call center software, and more.

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CX-H is a communications and messaging solution tailor-made for the hospitality industry. It leverages many of CX-E’s most powerful features in a customized hospitality package that integrates with leading property management systems (PMS). This integration allows automatic setup and takedown of guest telephony accounts based on check-ins, moves, and check-outs, automated customized wakeup call generation, group messaging, and more.

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Customized Unified Communications to Meet Your Organization’s Needs

Our enterprise-class communications solutions are scalable and built to meet your requirements. No one builds more secure, reliable, and feature-rich UC solutions than XMedius. That’s why top hospitals, leading universities, major government agencies, and multinational companies around the world rely on us to meet their needs. Want to learn more about how our UC solutions could work for you? Speak with a knowledgeable expert today, we look forward to answering any questions you may have.